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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top 8 Things I Love About India

11.     Bangalore has a Café Coffee Day on every corner
22.     Banana Leaf Plates- everyone needs to quit paper plates and use banana leaves…has got to be better for the environment, plus you get to eat on something green!

33.     Jasmine flowers to ornate hair…stop and smell the jasmine in life J

44.      Sidewalk art- so for holidays, events, and activities people chalk on the entry way some beautiful design…it is an added treat when they use actual flower pedals to do it…so creative and beautiful

55.    Fairy tale weddings- while I am personally not interested in having a huge wedding, it is definitely nice how fairy tale-like weddings are…it reminds me of a Cinderella


6.     Avoiding the traffic- so I know this is my 10 things I love about India, I do need everyone to understand that I am NOT a fan of the traffic and am often afraid that my life is in danger, so when I do not have to deal with it, I feel very, VERY happy!

77.     Rupees!- Indian money makes me happy because they are so diverse.  For example, 5 rupees vary from the shape of the coin, color, size, and some are even bills, but it is ALL 5rupees…kinda cool, but at times confusing because you can’t just reach in your pocket and pull something out without verifying that you are giving the right amount of money…but still I love the way its all different, but still worth the same amount! (It’s like the people on earth J)

88.      Porota (I am not sure if I am spelling it right)!!!- This is by far my fav type of bread here.  Hmm…how do I explain.  Well when it is time to eat people ask what type of starch you want.  Like do you want rice, naan, doosa, idly, or porota.  I still have not figured out how to order the food I want in a restaurant because sometimes I can choose the gravy (chicken masala, dal, etc) and the other times they just bring something…I don’t really get it because I do not like all of the side dishes, but you gotta go with the flow I guess…it’s a surprise every time!  For all you Indian restaurant eaters in the states, you have probably been deprived of porotas as I had been since it’s a south Indian food and most Indian restaurants in the states are north Indian.  However, just know that these things are good!

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